T-Minus Reminder Countdown 6.0

T-Minus Reminder Countdown 6.0: T-Minus Reminder Countdown. You can set the Countdown Clock to remind you. T-Minus Reminder Countdown. Do you need to be reminded of something? Whether it`s picking-up the kids from soccer, taking the cake out of the oven, or anything else, you can set the Countdown Clock to remind you.

T-Minus Weekend Countdown 6.0: T-Minus Weekend Countdown Clock. Now you can do a Weekend Countdown!
T-Minus Weekend Countdown 6.0

T-Minus Weekend Countdown Clock. How much time is left until Friday at 5 pm? Now you can do a Weekend Countdown! You can play our "cheer".

weekend tournament, countdown to weekend, weekend, countdown clock, screen saver

Sudoku Countdown 1.0: How good are you at Sudoku? You can find out on this time based version.
Sudoku Countdown 1.0

Countdown is Sudoku with a clock counting down your score. You start with 10,000 points which runs down like a timer once the game begins. The faster you solve the puzzle, the higher your score. If you cannot solve the puzzle in the allocated time, then you score zero points. Fair enough. Overall, these puzzles are fairly easy so it should not be a problem to solve them before time runs out. With the element of time-based points, Sudoku Countdown

sudoku, puzzle, number place, sudoko

TimeTools Time tools: stopwatch (no limit), countdown (no limit) and t-minus.

Monitor and measure time with alarms. Stop watch and countdown are without usual limit of 24h. It is possible to have virtually unlimited number of those three tools. T-minus and countdown can trigger user defined action. To do data information exchange with other OS version is needed to do export and import of only one file. User can customize look of buttons and icons according to their aspiration.

tminus, clock, stopwatch, alarm, countdown, scheduler

countout1 1.1: our free to you software for your website
countout1 1.1

our free to you software for your website Select the colors you want for your new countdown Use the blue generator below in order to create a Digit-Countdown. Click green or blue button code in order to create the code for your Countdown

countdown creating software, website countdown, computers

Cool Timer Handy timer solution with many cool features. Great for teachers.
Cool Timer

countdown mode, an alarm clock, or a stopwatch. Unique visualization feature shows time passage graphically using any of several high-quality, built-in images or any image on your computer. In countdown mode, the image is gradually wiped away or revealed in a radial, clock-like, sweep pattern in sync with the time as it passes. This is good for kids who can`t yet comprehend time passage using digits to understand how much time is left on the counter

time, timer, parenting, stopwatch, alarm, time limit, oven timer, classroom, egg timer, education, player, kids, exercise

Judy`s CountDown 3.0: Fun, polished program that tracks holidays and personal events, and can share wi
Judy`s CountDown 3.0

Judy`s CountDown is a polished, fun program that helps you track holidays and other important events in your life. It gives you a running count of days left before your events, so you can be sure not to forget about something crucial (like your wedding anniversary!) ... and you can share events with people you know. Comes with numerous predefined events and icons, and you can define your own, creating icons from your own photos.

holidays, share, special events, countdown, calendar

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